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Thursday, 24 November 2016

How to ask Questions in Spanish

Hello friends, today we are back with one more Spanish lesson. Till now you have learnt about Spanish alphabets, Spanish phrases, benefits of learning Spanish and much more. Today we will be telling you how to ask  regular questions in Spanish. Some of the regular words that are used for asking questions are What, How, Why, Where, Who and When. These are some of the questions that are often used on daily basis. So if you are Spanish speaker or learner then you will have to answer these questions in Spanish. Also if you want to ask someone about something then you can ask in Spanish. But it will only be possible when you will know these Spanish words and will be able to understand these words. So it is very necessary for all the Spanish learners as well as speakers to learn the Spanish words. Let's start the learning process.

questions in spanish

 Ask Questions in Spanish 

Here I have enlisted most common question words in Spanish that are often used in conversations and also on regular basis. You need to learn all these words and practice them to get a proper grip over all of them. For practising what you can do is use these words in Spanish instead of using them in English. This will improve your pronunciation and vocabulary. 

1. How to say What in Spanish

What in Spanish has more than one translations depending on how the word is used and for which it is being used. So here are translations with example:

What in Spanish : Que
English Phrase: What time is it?
Spanish Translation: Que hora es?

Which one in Spanish: Cual
English Phrase: Which one do you prefer?
Spanish Translation: Cual prefieres?

2. How to say Why in Spanish

Why also a different translation in Spanish according to the usage. So here are the Spanish translations of why.

Why in Spanish : por que
English Phrase: Why are you crying?
Spanish Translation: Por que lloras?

For explanation: Why : el porque
English Phrase: Do you really want to now why?
Spanish Translation: De verdad quieres saber el porque?

3. How to say Where in Spanish

Where in Spanish: Donde
English Phrase: Where do you live?
Spanish Translation: Donde vives?

English Phrase: This is the village where I spent my vacations
Spanish Translation: Este es el pueblo donde pase las

4. How to say Who in Spanish

Who in Spanish: Quien
English Phrase: Who is Calling?
Spanish Translation: Quien llama?

English Phrase: My friend is the one who has a date tonight
Spanish Translation: Mi amigo es el que tiene una cita

5. How to say When in Spanish

When in Spanish: Cuando

English Phrase: When was the last time you cried?
Spanish Translation: Cuando fue la ultima vez que lloraste?

English Phrase: I was sleeping when he got home
Spanish Translation: Estaba durmiendo cuando llego a casa

6. How to say How in Spanish

How in Spanish: Como

English Phrase: How did you get here so quickly?
Spanish Translation: Como llegaste tan rapido?

English Phrase: I don't know how to do this?
Spanish Translation: No se como hacer esto

So this was all about how to ask and answer questions in Spanish. You need a regular practice to speak them fluently. So don't even skip a day and practice them regularly. Also if you want to learn how to speak Spanish with confidence then you can refer to this link. 
Have a good day. 



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