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Monday, 7 November 2016

How to say I Miss You in Spanish

Hey, guys, You all must know that how to say I love in Spanish language as we have already posted an article about this, still if you don't know you can visit the other articles on the page and check. Today we are going to discuss something more interesting. After proposing someone or saying I love you, I am sure that you will require this Spanish phrase. So which Spanish phrase we are talking about, you can know from the title itself. Yes, it's about Translate I miss you in Spanish. When someone has a very strong feeling of love for another person then we usually miss that person when he/she is not in front of us. And we start remembering the good times that we have spent with them. 
So, at that time, it requires expressing our feeling of sadness to the person we are missing. So what if we make this expression more special by saying it in Spanish.

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So today we are going to tell you to how you can say miss u in Spanish. So if we want to know Spanish for I miss you then you are at the right place. 

Translate I miss you to Spanish: "Te Extrano"

This phrase of Spanish is a very regular phrase that is used by the people of Spain and Latin America. This phrase shows the intensive feeling when you miss someone.  Here Te is used as an object pronoun that is used for a singular and is familiar to "Tu" i.e. "you". Extrano means to miss that is arrived from the Spanish verb "extranar". When this phrase is pronounced directly it means I miss you. 

What is the Spanish of I miss You

Just like in English we can express a single emotion in different ways, here also in Spanish saying I miss you have some more ways. The meaning of the phrase will remain the same but the words and pronunciation will be different.

One of the ways to express you felling of missing someone is given above. Another way that is also used in Spanish when you miss someone special is by using expression "te echo de men's"  which means I miss you.  This Spanish phrase is used most commonly in Spain to express the feeling of sadness. 

Finally, one more way to say Spanish I miss you is through the phrase "me has falta". This is also used when you miss someone but is a very common way to express. So this phrase is used very less by people.So all of you, now without wasting one more minute you must tell you loved one that how much you are missing him/her and this time not in a regular way but in Spanish.

Also to know more about some more common Spanish expressions then you can click here. Also if you want to know any English word translation in Spanish then you can directly know it. At the top of the page, you will be able to see a translator button. What you need to do is just type the English phrase whose Spanish translation you want and then click on the translate button and the phrase will get converted to the Spanish. 



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