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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

How to say Hello in Spanish

Spanish for Hello: Hola Friends, How are you?? I hope you all be very good and you must be. Did anyone noticed the first word of the article "Hola" what does that mean..? What does that ,mean? Yes out today's post is based on this word. Today we are going tell you how to say hello in Spanish. As this is one of the most crucial steps to start a conversation with someone and if you want the conversation to be different and unique then only Spanish words can solve your this problem. Also if you want to impress someone in first meeting then you must not miss this chance. So today we will be telling you so many ways to say hello in Spanish. I have already told you one way to say Spanish hello. Most of you have already noticed. So lets discuss different ways to translate hello to Spanish

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How to translate hello in Spanish

Just like in English there are so many ways to express one thing in different ways, just like that in Spanish hello can be spelled in many ways. As one to say Spanish of hello is famous i.e. "Hola" but Spanish greetings are more than this. There so many ways to greet someone in Spanish not only for the word hello but other greetings also.  Also, you can ask for how to translate hi to Spanish because hello is also termed as hi. So here we are going to discuss all the possible ways to say hello in Spanish.

How to speak hello in Spanish

There are 3 ways to say hello in the Spanish language as listed below

1. Say Hello in Spanish
  • Pronunciation: "oh-la". Also remember to keep the letter "h" silent and not to pronounce it. 

2. Hello in Spanish: In more casual way
As in Spanish, there is no such word to say hi or hey but it can be said in some casual way. Below are some of the ways you can use

"¿Que Pasa?" : What's happening?
"¿Qúe tal?" : How;s it going / What's up?
"¿Que hay?" : What's new?

3. Say Hello How are you?
This is used as the greeting to ask someone that how are they, so you can also use this way to say hello. This can be used when you have to be more formal with someone

 Hello, How are you : Hola ¿Cómo estás?
Pronunciation: COH-mo ehs-TAHS

So these were the 3 ways by which you can say hello or how are to someone and if it will be in Spanish language then you can't imagine that how much special one can feel and it will also make other see your knowledge of other language and eagerness to learn and speak it in from of others. Also if you want to know how to learn Spanish in a more easy way then you must listen to top 10 Spanish songs which will surely help you to learn Spanish in a much easier way and also in less time than other conventional methods. 



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