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Sunday, 20 November 2016

How to say Seasons in Spanish

Seasons, that we all love, as we are so fortunate to have different types of seasons for us. We have provided so many articles on how to learn Spanish language and benefits of learning Spanish. Today we are going to tell you how to spell seasons in Spanish. We have 4 different seasons named as summer, winter, autumn and spring. These seasons have their own characteristics. Each one of us has their own favourite season. As I love spring season so much, some of you will have winter as the favourite, some  autumn or summer. So everyone has their own choice. So if we are learning a language then we should know to spell each and every word in that particular language. And all those who are reading this post must be learning Spanish, that's why you are here. So today we are going to tell you how to say different types of seasons in the Spanish language. As if someone asks you which season you like most or which season is going then you can answer them in Spanish. This will have a very positive effect. So get ready everyone we are going to tell the Spanish names of your favourite season.

How to pronounce the Seasons in Spanish?

We are so fortunate that we have 4 different seasons with us. The 4 seasons vary significantly in the characteristics, and can also bring changes in the world. So let's take an overview of the four seasons.

summer in spanish

1. Summer in Spanish
In the summer season, the temperature is high but also it includes rainfall. We also have so many options of clothing and fashion. This can be also the reason that people also love the summer season. In summers, rainfall is also there which makes it more awesome. So if your favourite season is summer then you must know that how to say summer in Spanish. Also, if you don't have summer season as your favourite season then also you must know how to spell summer in Spanish

Summer in Spanish : Verano

winter in spanish

2. Winter in Spanish
Now let's move t opposite season of the summer i.e. Winter Season. Winter brings a chill with it. Everywhere is so much ice and snow. Also, it brings beautiful festivals with it such as Halloween,Christmas, New Year and much more. So this is also the reason people have winter as their favourite season. Winter season celebrates the return of the light during the time of the physical darkness. In the winter season, it is said that nights are long and days are short. So let's learn how to say winter in the Spanish language.

Winter in Spanish: Invierno

Autumn in spanish

3. Autumn in Spanish

Next, we have an autumn season. In this span of time, the temperature is again cool. This season comes next to the summer. And in this season plants starts to grow dormant. It also includes various cultures within it. For example "Thanksgiving" in United Staes is one of the historical commemoration but has a spiritual dimension that associated with the homecoming and to praise what is being bestowed upon us. So most of you will be having autumn as  their favourite season. So let's know how to say autumn in Spanish.

Autumn in Spanish : Otono

Spring in spanish

4. Spring in Spanish

At last, we have spring season with us. This season is my favourite season. There is so obvious reason that why spring can be a favourite season of someone because it brings lots of happiness, is full if colourful flowers, greenery. In this season new plants start to grow. It consists of both types of weather warmer as well as wetter. It also brings rainfall with it. As I love greenery and flowers so this is my favourite season. This will also be favourite for most you. So let's know how to say spring in Spanish.

Spring in Spanish : Primavera

So this was all about the 4 Spanish Seasons that we have all of the years worldwide. But we have missed one thing, you should also know how to say word "season" in Spanish. So, at last, let's know how to say the season in Spanish.

Season in Spanish : Temporada

So let's learn the Spanish language from today with the four seasons. Also if you want to know how to say Merry Christmas in Spanish then learn it from here. 



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