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Monday, 14 November 2016

How to translate months in Spanish

Hello everyone, in our previous post you have learnt about how to say days in Spanish. Today we will learn about how to spell the name of the months in Spanish language. But before moving ahead we would like to ask whether you learnt the days in Spanish or not. If not, then you must go back on the previous post and first learn the days and then you should move ahead with the months. As days and Spanish, both are important when you learning Spanish. So you should not skip any of the articles.
So now, is there any need to learn spanish months of the year? We say yes... But why? So here is the answer, this is very important for all of us whether you are a student, teacher, professional etc. Each one of us always writes the dates and also have to speak it. And if you are learning Spanish then you must speak all the months in Spanish. 

spanish months, months of the year in spanish

As learning is not enough, and there is also  a saying that "Practice makes a man perfect:". And this is the key point of learning anything. If you don't practice you will not be able to remember it for a long time.
But if you practice it regularly then you will be able to learn easily and you can easily memorise too.
So lets start with months in Spanish

Translate Months of the year in Spanish

Below you can learn the steps how you can pronounce months through the list of months in spanish. The list provided provided is spanish translated english months. The months are written in both the languages spanish as well as spanish. Apart from translation, pronounciation of each month is also gien. Because in languges only learning is not important but speaking it too. So for this you must have good pronounciation. 

  1. January in Spanish : "ENERO". It can be pronounced as (ay-NAY-row)
  2. February in Spanish : "FEBRERO". It can be spelt as the (fay-BRAY-row)
  3. March in Spanish : "MARZO". It can be pronounced as the (MAHR-zoh)
  4. April in Spanish : "ABRIL". This can be pronounced as (Ah-Breel)
  5. May in Spanish : "MAYO". this can be pronounced as My-yoh
  6. June in Spanish : "JUNIO". It can be translated in Spanish as (HOON-eeoh)
  7. July in Spanish : "JULIO". It can be pronounced as HOOL-eeoh
  8. August in Spanish : "AGOSTO". It can be translated as (ah-GOHS-toh)
  9. September in Spanish : "SEPTIEMBRE". This month can be pronounced as (Sep-tee-EMM-bray)
  10. October in Spanish : "OCTUBRE". This can be spelt as (Oak-Too-bray)
  11. November in Spanish : "NOVIEMBRE". It can be spelt as (no-vee-emm-bray).  
  12. December in Spanish : "DICIEMBRE". It can be pronounced as (dee-cee-Emm-bray)
So these were the Spanish translated months. You can also learn this Spanish translation of moths through a video that is provided below. As in video, you will get the idea how to pronounce and what sound comes after pronunciation.

So now you have two options to learn the Spanish months. You can opt any of the two according to your need. So start learning and speaking spanish months. Also you can use both the methods. First you should the lines ansd translated part provided and pronounce it. Then after pronouncing all the months you should go for video. From video you will get the idea of your mistakes that ou were doing while pronouncing months. So this method will be best for all the beginners. 

Volveremos Pronto ( Will be back soon ). "Keep Learning"



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