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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

How to say Cat in Spanish, Kitten in Spanish

Cat in Spanish: Hello everyone, today I am going to tell you about a companion who is more than a best friend and a family member. The companion about whom I am going to talk about is very loyal and honest and they always give you company whenever you need them. So are you thinking that the companion I am talking is a human?? So my answer for you is a big No. I am not talking about any human companion. I am talking about pets. Pets are our best companion to whom we can talk share our thoughts and share our feelings too. Now you will be thinking that the animals can't speak so how can we share our thoughts with them. So, this is correct that they can't speak but telling everything to them will make one feel good and relieved. s most of you must be having a pet and you will agree with all the above points. So here I am gong to tell about some of the Spanish words for the pets and then you can call your pets by Spanish word.

cat in spanish, kitten in spanish, spanish for cat

Cat in Spanish | Kitten in Spanish

The cat is one of the most cutest pet that one can have as a pet. According to a report from Ecology Global Network, there are approximately 600 millions of cats on the earth. Also, this is a fact that many Spanish speakers are also Spanish speakers and also they like to talk about these furry friends and companions. So, here I am going to tell Spanish for catThe cat is called as Gato in Spanish. The letter "o" in the end of the Spanish word tells us that we are talking about a male cat. So now you will be thinking that what Spanish word we can use for a female cat. So below is the Spanish word for the female cat. You just need to replace letter "o" with a letter "a" and then the Spanish word is changed for a female cat.  
Cat in Spanish : Gato

Female Cat in Spanish : Gata

Now you know how to say cat in Spanish but one thing is left. What is  the Spanish word for the kitten, the cat's baby? Kittens are even more beautiful than cats. Most of the people keep cats or kittens with them as their pet. Kittens are very tender and soft so one should handle them with so much of care, same as we take care of a baby. Kittens are very similar to the human infant. So if you know the Spanish for the cat then you should also know Spanish for a kitten.
The Spanish for a kitten is Gatito so now you know how you can spell cat and kitten in Spanish language. So now you can call your cat in Spanish language too and this will also help you to learn Spanish and increase your Spanish vocabulary. 

Kitten in Spanish : Gatito

If you also want to learn how you speak Spanish with confidence then you can follow this link. Also if you want to translate any of the English words into Spanish then you can do it by using translator provided at the top of the page. 



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