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Thursday, 17 November 2016

How to say Family Members in Spanish

Spanish is a very beautiful language to learn and speak. The words in Spanish are so easy, lovely and beautiful. There are also so many benefits of learning the Spanish language. Today we are going to tell you how to say family members in Spanish. Learning Spanish is so easy, it just requires practice and determination to learn the language. So all of you must learn an extra language as being bilingual has so many benefits. So start learning Spanish as a second language and add it to your skill set. We should also enroll children to learn Spanish as children have more chances of learning the language more easily and in less time. Spanish is spoken in many countries that is why it is important to learn Spanish as if you go to other places you will not have any problem in understanding the language. Also if someone asks you that which language do you know, then it will look great when you will say Spanish and also you can answer this question in Spanish language. Also, you can do conversation with your members in Spanish. This will help you to learn Spanish easily. So start learning the spanish language today. Start with this article and learn Spanish.

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Learn to say Family Members in Spanish

To learn Spanish you need to do regular practice. And an easy way to learn Spanish is to do conversation with your family members, friends, colleagues. So this also requires knowing how to say names of family members in Spanish.

  1. Father in Spanish
Some of the words we need to spell regularly, those words are father, mother, brother, sister and much more. So if we are learning Spanish so we should know how to spell these words in Spanish.
 Father in Spanish : Padre

Other than father we also say this word as Dad, so there is also need to know how to say dad in Spanish

Dad in Spanish : "Papa" and ts pronunciation is PAH-PAH

2. Mother in Spanish

Second family member name that we need to spell in Spanish is Mother. So know here to how to say mother in Spanish

Mother in Spanish: Madre

Also other than mother we also say this as the mom.

Mom in Spanish: MAH-MAH
Also the same is spelled for mommy in Spanish

3. Brother in Spanish
The next family that we need to spell in Spanish is brother. So know hot to spell brother in Spanish

Brother in Spanish : Hermano (Her-MAH-NOH)

4. Sister in Spanish

Sister in Spanish can be spelled very easily.

Sister in Spanish : Hermana (Her-mah-nah)

5. Grandpa in Spanish
One of the most important members of family is grandfather, so we should not forget how to spell grandpa in Spanish

Grandpa in Spanish : Abuelo (ab-WAY-LOH)

6. Grandma in Spanish

If we know how to say grandpa in Spanish then we should also know how to say grandma in Spanish.

Grandma in Spanish : Auela (ab-WAY-LAH)

So this is all about a family, there are much more relations that one need to learn. But for today we are sharing all these relations, as in one day you will not be able to learn all the words at once. So start learning today. Also if you want to learn how to translate English to Spanish ten you can learn it from here. 



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