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Monday, 21 November 2016

Popular Spanish Quotes for LOVE | Love in Spanish

Hello everyone, love is a very special feeling. It can change everything in an individual.Love is a feeling that needs to be felt and the feeling is to be expressed. Everyone expresses their love in different ways which make them unique. But to stand a little more different one should try different things to express their love, as love is all about expressing. So we are ging to tell you how to express your love in Spanish. But why Spanish, not any other language? So let me tell you Spanish is a language of love. Expressing love in Spanish will make you beloved feel much more special and happy. So lets learn some of the Spanish love quotes to impress your beloved. 

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English Translated Spanish Romantic Quotes

So here we are going to tell you if you are n a date what phrases you will need to say in Spanish and how you can impress your loved one just by doing a small amount of hard work.
Okay, if you are ready to go on date and your invitation is accepted then it's time to prepare yourself for that special moment. So the first word which you need to know in Spanish is 

"A Date" : Una cita (oo-nah-see-tah)

Now the next word by which you are going to address your partner with is Boyfriend or girlfriend. So you must know the Spanish translation of the boyfriend and girlfriend. 

Girlfriend in Spanish: Enamorada

Boyfriend in Spanish: Enamorado

So it will be so fascinating you will say these words while addressing you partner and he.she will be shocked. Remember a rule while speaking in Spanish that for females the word ends with the letter "a" and for the males, the word ends with the letter "o". 

Next two words that you need to know in Spanish are Hug in Kiss

Kiss in Spanish: Beso (beh-soh)

Hug in Spanish: Abrazo (ah-brah-zoh)

Spanish word for love : Amor

Spanish Love Phrases

English Phrase:I loved you from the moment I first laid eyes on you
Spanish Translation: Te ame desde el momento en que puse mis ojos en ti

English Phrase: I love you from the bottom of my heart
Spanish Translation: Te amo desde el fondo de mi corazón

English Phrase: You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen
Spanish Translation: Tú eres la mujer más bella que he visto 

English Phrase: You make me happy when you are here
Spanish Translation: Tu me haces feliz cuando estás aquí 

English Phrase: I love you, you complete me
Spanish Translation: Te amo, tu me compliments 

So these were the love words and quotes or phrases that you can use to make your bond stronger with the one you love most. Also expressing your love in Spanish will make them fell even more special and romantic. Spanish is said to be as the language of love. So use this language to express your love. As the feeling is to be expressed and not to hide within you otherwise it is of no use. We should always try to make others happy and we can do this by expressing our feelings, love to them in different ways possible. So all the best everyone, and start your love life with Spanish. Also to lear more about how to say I love you in spanish or more about the spanish love you can refer the given link. 



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