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Thursday, 10 November 2016

How to say "Beautiful" in Spanish | Beautiful in Spanish

Translate beautiful in Spanish: Hey everyone, Today we are going to tell you a way by which you can impress a girl/ lady as impressing a woman requires a lot of efforts. But with this one method without much hard work you can easily impress a woman and can also make her feel so special and different from all the other women. So today we will make sure that you should learn how to say beautiful in Spanish also how to say pretty in Spanish. Not only woman y
ou can compliment a man with these Spanish phrases. Also if you want to say something is beautiful then also you can use the spanish phrase for beautiful. So to learn how to say beautiful in Spanish just follow the below steps.

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How to say you are beautiful in Spanish

When you will compliment someone in the Spanish language it will look so different and also it will so your efforts for the person also it will show your knowledge of the Spanish language. So don't miss this chance to learn Spanish for beautiful.

1. When you have to say "something is beautiful"

As in the English language, you can use word beautiful to describe so many things like clothing, flowers, nature and many more things. Also in English, no such rule that which beautiful synonym should be used as it only depends on the noun for which you are using it. So in Spanish there is a single word  "Hermosa".


For example: When you say this Spanish phrase for a woman then it means "pretty" or "beautiful", but when you will use the same word for the cat then it means as "cute". So here are some of the Spanish phrases that you can use to say beautiful in Spanish.

  • "El Jardin es Hermoso" - The flower is so beautiful
  • "El Verano es Bello" - The winter is beautiful
  • "El Poema es Bello" - The story is beautiful
  • "iQue Preciosa casa!" - What a beautiful building
  • "Venice" es un-Bella Ciudad" - Venice is a beautiful city to go
  • "El bosque es muy bonito" - The forest is beautiful

2. How to say a woman she is beautiful

Most of the time you need to compliment someone so you can say it as you are looking beautiful or she looks so beautiful. So below are the phrases that tell how to say a woman she is beautiful.

  • "Estás Bella." ("You look beautiful.")
  • "Estás Bonita." ("You look beautiful/pretty.")
  • "Estás guapa." ("You look attractive.")
  • "Estás Hermosa." ("You look gorgeous.")
  • "Estás Linda." ("You look lovely.")
3. How to tell a man he is beautiful

To tell a man that he is beautiful you nee to change the Spanish phrase a little. As for the male, the phrase must have masculine ending (in females the phrase ends with the letter 'a' and for male, it must end with letter 'o' ). All the phrases mean the same as in the female part. So below are the phrases that can be used to say a man he is beautiful. Telling a man that he is beautiful below are the phrases:

  • Estas Bello
  • Estas bonito
  • Estas Guapo
  • Estas Hermoso
  • Estas lindo
So these were  the Spanish phrases that you can use for men and women both to compliment them and say they are looking beautiful and also very beautiful in Spanish. Also, if you want to know 



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