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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Learn How to Count Numbers in Spanish

One to 10 in Spanish, Learn numbers in Spanish: Hello, friends!!! Hope you all will be good, so talking about our today's article you already know that what we are going to learn. Counting.. Yes, today we will learn counting numbers in Spanish language. Most of you will be thinking that what is the need of learning this or what will be the difference in counting numbers in English and Spanish. So let me tell you, my friends, counting is one of the most important parts of learning any of the language not only Spanish. And counting numbers also differ from language to language, so it is very important to learn how to count in Spanish. Also, it is so many applications while you speak Spanish as if someone asks your age and you have to tel, in Spanish, at the time when you have count something, at the time when you to read the address it also consists of numbers. So there are numerous benefits of learning how to count in Spanish and there is no disadvantage. So why not learn it and make Spanish much more strong. 

one to ten in spanish, how to count numbers in spanish

Counting in the Spanish language is not a difficult task what you need to do is just memorize the terms in a correct manner and some of the basic rules of pronouncing and using it. Here in this article, we will tell how to count to 10 in Spanish then next time we will move ahead. As we need to start from the bottom and learn basics. 

How to say numbers in Spanish

Step:1 Learn the numbers in Spanish till 5

We will you a very simpler way to learn numbers in Spanish. To learn numbers more easily what you need to do is just split the numbers into different parts and then read it. As it will be difficult for you to memorize the whole phrase at once than breaking them into parts. And then repeat the numbers till the time it doesn't get stuck in your mind, and till you are not able to pronounce it without looking.
So lets start the counting part

  • Starting with the Zero, as it is not included in counting but you might need to use this while conversation. So in Spanish can be translated as cero (SAY-roh)
  • One can be expressed as uno (OO-noh)
  • Two can be expressed as dos (doss)
  • Three can be expressed as tres (tress)
  • Four can be expressed as cuatro (KWA-tro)
  • Five can be expressed as cinco (SEEN-ko)

 First, you should all these numbers with their pronunciation and once you must all these then move ahead.

2. Learn Spanish numbers from 6 to 10

Once you have learned and practiced the Spanish numbers till 5 then you are ready to move further from 6 to 10. One of the ky to learn all these numbers is practice and use. More you practice these numbers and use them in your conversation, then you will learn them early.

  • Six can be translated as seis (SAISS)
  • Seven can be expressed as siete (SYE-te)
  • Eight can be expressed as ocho (O-cho)
  • Nine can be expressed as nueve (NWAI-be)
  • Ten can be expressed as (DYESS)

3. Count it all together

Now when you have learned and have practiced both the sets of numbers then put them in one single series and now use and say them all together. And you have mastered to count in Spanish up to 10.

  • You must count the numbers in Spanish repeatedly until the numbers get automatic for you and you don't require to look and say it.
  • One more way to learn it faster is in your daily life whenever you think of numbers think in Spanish. For example, if you go to a market and you need to buy some apples then count the apples in Spanish language and I am sure your Spanish will be so fluent that you can't even imagine at this point in time. 

So this was all about counting the numbers in Spanish language. You must learn how to count 1 to 10 in Spanish and we will be back with more numbers. So start practising today. And if you want to learn some of the Top 20 English to Spanish translation then learn from here and if you have any query you can ask in comments.

Bye friends.



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