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Monday, 28 November 2016

How to say GoodBye in Spanish

In every language, there are so many ways to say goodbye in Spanish. As in English, there are so many words for goodbye such as bye, see you tomorrow and see you soon. Same as in Spanish there are many ways to bid goodbye to someone. Because everyone whom we meet we say bye to them to meet them again. As we have already told you how to say hello in Spanish so you should also know how to say goodnight. If you are a Spanish speaker then it is necessary to know all these Spanish words as these are one of the simplest words that a Spanish learner should know. So here we are going to discuss different ways to say goodbye to someone.

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How to say Bye in Spanish?

If we will say bye in Spanish then it will become very special for the person whom bidding goodbye. So let's know different ways to say bye.

Spanish for Goodbye : Adios

Some other phrases that we use to say bye are:
  • See you later in Spanish: Hasta luego
  • See you tomorrow in Spanish: Hasta manana
  • See you soon in Spanish: Hasta Pronto
  • until next time in Spanish: Hasta la proxima
  • See you on Monday in Spanish: Hasta el lunes
  • See you in a minute: Hasta ahora
So these were some of the other ways to say goodbye to someone. 
Next, we will discuss how to say goodnight in Spanish.

How to say Good night in Spanish?

Other than goodbye one other way to bid bye is saying good night. The standard and also the most straightforward way to say goodnight in Spanish is "Buenas Noches". This Spanish phrase ca be used for an individual, group, or anyone you want to wish goodnight. Also if you want to say good night to someone in a more casual way then you can use the Spanish phrase "Que passes buenas noches" which means Have a good night in English.

Also if you want to only say bye to someone then you need to say adios.

Bye in Spanish : Adios

Also if yu want to wish someone with another word or you want to know Spanish for any other word then you can use English to Spanish translator that is provided at the to of the page. So below are the details how you can use a translator to now Spanish words.
  1. At first, you need to have an English phrase that you want to translate in Spanish
  2. Then in the second step, you need to paste the English phrase at the space provided above the translator button at the top of the page.
  3. Then after pasting the English phrase press the orange coloured button named as a translator. As you will click on the button Spanish translated phrase will appear below the translator button that will be the Spanish translation of your English phrase. This is how you can translate any English word into Spanish.
If you want to learn more about English to Spanish translation then follow the provided link. So this was all about how to say goodbye in Spanish. For learning Spanish follow the previous articles.



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