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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Christmas Songs in Spanish

Hey, everyone. in our previous, we told you how to wish merry Christmas in Spanish to your loved ones. We have some more surprises for you to give you on this Christmas. We are planned so much to make your Christmas much more special for you and so that you can also make someone else's Christmas special. So today we are going provide you top Spanish Christmas songs. When you will wish someone merry Christmas in Spanish then it will be very special for them. And on the top of that when you will play or sing Christmas songs in Spanish then your loved one will be on the top of the world.
If you are thinking that you don't know how to read and speak in Spanish then you don't need to worry. We have provided so many articles on learning the basic Spanish and also how to pronounce Spanish words. So at first you must go through all those articles and then you can learn to sing Spanish songs.

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And if you know how to pronounce Spanish words then you are good to go and you can easily listen and sing Christmas songs in Spanish.

Listen to Free Christmas Music

So here we have enlisted top Spanish Christmas music for all of you. As we all know that Christmas is on its way. nd Christmas is a festival of lights, chocolates, gifts and most important music and songs. So celebrate this Christmas with Spanish Christmas carols

1. "Noche de paz"

This Christmas song is basically for the children. The kids can easily understand this song and can also sing it very easily. This song is the Spanish version of the "Silent Night". So children will love to listen and sing this song. Also, kids can easily learn another language than elders so this is an important opportunity for children. So this belongs to Christmas music for kids.  

2.  Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas Carol
This song is one of the most popular Christmas song or carol in Spanish. Everyone can learn this song very easily, kids too. This will help you to learn Spanish in a better way.

3. Jingle Bells in Spanish: Navidad, Navidad
This song is also one of the most popular Christmas Spanish song. This song is the Spanish version of English famous Christmas song "jingle bell jingle bell". 

4. Jose Feliciano: Feliz Navidad (I wanna wish you a merry Christmas)

5. Noche De Paz: Christmas Carol

So these are some of the top Christmas Spanish songs and some of them are Christmas songs for children. Christmas is a very cheerful festival that everyone celebrates with so much joy and happiness. And this time make your Christmas even more special with Spanish songs and Spanish wishes. This Christmas become Santa for someone you love and adore. Wish them n Spanish and sing Spanish songs for them. As this is going to be a wonderful gift for all of them. Christmas comes once in a year so don't miss this chance of making it more beautiful for yourself and also for others. Be happy and spread happiness this Christmas with Spanish. 


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