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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

How to say House in Spanish | Home in Spanish

Hey, friends, Happy new year to all you!! New Year has been started and all of you must have made many resolutions for the new year. One resolution that I am going to tell you for your benefit that you all should add in your resolution list is Learning Spanish regularly. As you are visiting this site because you want to learn Spanish and we are going to help you in this. Today we will learn how to say House in Spanish. Home is the place where we feel so relaxed and we can live in peace. So here we are going to learn how we can spell house in Spanish. It is important for all the Spanish learners and speakers to know all the words in Spanish that they use in English. As Spanish learning has so many advantages. Everyone should one language other than his/ her native language and if that language will be Spanish then there will be huge advantages. Let's learn how to say House in Spanish.

house in spanish, home in spanish, apartment in spanish

Home in Spanish

House can also be spelt as the home. It is the place that makes us all comfortable. But have you ever though that it is spelt differently in every other language. In Spanish house can be spelt as 


As you all know that house is also known as home so all of you should also know that how a home can be spelt in Spanish or what is Home in Spanish.


So now all of you are aware that house and home are spelt in the Spanish language. So next we are going to discuss how you can room and bedroom in Spanish. As if you know home and house then you must also know how to say Room in Spanish. Rooms are the important part of the house where we live and there so many types of rooms that we will discuss further bellow.

Room in Spanish


There are so many types of rooms in our home that we call as bedroom, bathroom, drawing room, guest room and much more. These rooms are used according to their purpose and right now we are ging to learn how you can say Bedroom in Spanish. The bedroom is the space where we can live so comfortably and can have our comfort. So let's learn how bedroom can be spelt in spanish.


So now you all know how the house, home, room and bedroom can be spelt in spanish language. So all these words are now added in your spanish vocabulary set. And when you will use these words regularly and practice them then you will be able to see that you can easily pronounce them at any time. This will help you to learn spanish and speak Spanish very efficiently. There is one more word that you should know in Spanish language i.e. Apartment in Spanish. As one of the names that one can say of home is apartment also. As there are many situations when a person says that he/she lives in aprtment. So one should also know how to spell apartment in the Spanish language. 

bedroom in spanish, room in spanish

Apartment in Spanish


So this was all about the house. Now you are perfect to go and speak. Just practice everyday these words so that to speak them more clearly. Also if you ant to learn how to say Happy Birthday in Spanish, I miss you in Spanish, how to say seasons in Spanish and many more then you go to these links. Also, you can use a live translator that is given on the top of the page to translate English word or phrase. Just type the word or the phrase in the space provided and press translate button and you will the Spanish translation of the phrase. 



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