How to say “I Love You” in Spanish

Translate I Love You in Spanish: Love is complicated, we all have heard this phrase and its true. Also it varies from person to person but still there is a lot which makes it very complicated. So today we will help you to make it little bit easy for all of you. There are so many ways through which you can express your love for your loved ones, but it is found that if someone expresses their love in different languages it makes a great impact on their partner. When someone expresses their love in a different language their partner feels very special. So here we will tell you how to say i love in spanish and how to express your love in spanish. Well, most of you will be thinking that why only spanish, why not any other language. So you must know that spanish is also said to be as language of love, that’s why only language spanish is included here. So, spanish love is most effective one. 
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Spanish Love Quotes with English Translation

As we express love in english or in any other language, in same way we can also express our love in spanish language. Love is a feeling to express as many times we can,so one should not miss any chance to express it to their beloved. So below are some of the spanish love phrases which we use to express our feelings in spanish, also their english translation is also given for you.

Romantic Spanish Phrases 

  • Me Gustas – This is a special kind of romantic feeling that implies lust, wants, sexuality, desire.
  • Amante – Amante is used for lover (a lover)
  • Fue un flechazo – Love at first sight
  • Un par de tortolitos – The word is used to signify a pair of lovebirds
  • Te extrano – I miss you
  • Te quiro para mi / Quiero que seas mio-1 – I want you
  • El amor de mi vida – Love of my life
  • Enamorarse de alguien – It is used when you fall in love with someone.
  • Estar enamorado(a) de alguien – To be in love with someone special
And one of the most important phrase which you should know 

I LOVE YOU in Spanish – TE AMO

“Te Amo” vs “Te Quiero”

Now you should make sure that you must use right term of spanish to express you feeling/ love. In english it is quite easy what you need to say is just ‘ I love you’ for everyone for family, friend or for your beloved. But in spanish there are two most popular phrases “Te Amo” and “Te Quiero”. Both of the phrases when translated in english means ‘I Love You’. But the difference is that one is more casual and other expresses the intense feeling.
Romantic spanish phrases
Te Quiero
Te Quiero is when translated then its exact meaning is ‘I want you’, so te quier is perfect phrase to express love to family ir close friends. 
Te Amo
This phrase is when translated means ‘I Love You’. This is not the right term to say to a friend or cousin or family. Saying yje phrase te amo expresses the intense love feeling and affection so it should be used for serious relationships and also for immediate family members.
So these are two ways using which you can easily express you love in spanish and also above phrases can also be used to express you feelings in spanish. Now you dont need to search for translate i love you to spanish as now you already know. So just dont waste one more second and express your love to all whoa re important for you. As expressing your feelings is most important.
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