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Thursday, 3 November 2016

How to say Happy Birthday in Spanish | Happy Birthday in Spanish

Expressing your best wishes for someone is a very easy task. You just need to wish them with some of the quotes either for birthday, anniversary etc.But to make your wish more special you can try to wish someone in some different language. What if you wish someone in spanish, isn't it sounds very exciting. Yes!!! When you will wish someone in spanish language they will also feel very special and happy. Also your wish will be so different than others. So this is the you can stand out of the crowd. So here we are going to train you in how to say happy birthday in spanish and will also tell you a spanish happy birthday song that one will love to hear on their birthday. 

spanish birthday song, happy birthday wishes in spanish

Happy Birthday Wishes in Spanish

Birthday is one of the most special day of the year for almost everyone. And the birthday becomes more special when someone make some efforts to make it more exciting. So to make your loved one feel very special, try this to wish on their birthday in spanish and you can also dedicate a spanish birthday song to them. Some of you will also be thinking that what makes it different to wish someone in spanish why not in usual way we always do (in english). So the point of wishing somebody on their birthday is to make them feel special and it shows that you care for them. And when you will do some effort in that, it will more be more special. The bonding of you both will be more stronger now.  So here is the way in which you wish birthday in spanish.

The most standard way to translate happy birthday to spanish or to say happy birthday wishes in spanish is "iFeliz cumpleanos". Here Feliz means happy and it is a spanish adjective. And Cumpleanos is a noun that means birthday. The pronunciation of this spaniah word is like this way: fay-lees koom-play-ahn-yohs.


So if you really care for someone and love them then you should make some efforts, and try this method on this coming birthday of any of your loved one.
Also you can go for spanish birthday song that is provided below to make it more special

Spanish Happy Birthday Song

Make your birthday more special with this spanish song. The spanish song is quite simple to learn for someone new who don't know spanish. So when you will sing this song in front of everyone, the moment will become much more special and beautiful.

So make this birthday for your loved ones more exciting, memorable and also special. Also you can learn how to translate english to spanish and how to say i love in spanish language



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