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Translation from english to spanish: Nowdays, everyone is so keen to learn different languages. There are so many languages that one can opt to learn as their language. But learning spanish has its own edge over other languages. Spanish is one of the most favorite and preferred languages. Spanish is spoken in most of the countries. So learning spanish  would be the best choice if someone wwants to learn other languages. 

There are so many ways by which one can learn spanish like online classes, tutorials, videos and also by english to spanish translation. 
In english to spanish translation, you can easily translate any word or phrase into spanish language. You just need to enter the phrase you want to know in spanish and then need to click on translate button, and your text will get translate in spanish

english to spanish translation

Just like english language, spanish is also the same just new for all of them who dont know how to read and speak it. The words or phrases that we  use regularly in our daily life in english, imagine when you will be able to speak those words in spanish too. So here we are going to list down most common spanish words that we use on daily basis and their spanish translations.

English Translation to Spanish

English Word                                                                Spanish Translation

  • therefore                                                                por lo tanto

  • however                                                                 sin embargo

  • performance                                                          rendimiento

  • to approach                                                            acercarse

  • thus                                                                        de sete modo

  • support                                                                   apoyo

  • to provide                                                               proveer

  • issue                                                                       el asunto

  • overview                                                                resumen

  • regarding                                                                con repecto a

  • to release                                                                liberar

  • otherwise                                                                de lo contario

  • feedback                                                                 retroalimentacion

  • to lead                                                                     dirgir

  • to claim                                                                   reclamar

  • as well as                                                                ademas de

  • further                                                                     mas lejos

  • furthermore                                                             ademas

  • address                                                                    la direccion

  • to set up                                                                  configurar

So these were some of the famous english to spanish translations and some easy spanish words that we use in our daily life. If you want to learn spanish language then you can start right from today with these translations. Also you can translate any english words in spanish through the translator provided at the top of the page. For further updates and articles on spanish stay connected to the blog.

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