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Free Spanish Music: Are you studying Spanish or want to learn Spanish??
So here we go, we are providing you with the best and exciting method to learn Spanish. What you need to do is just listen some of the followings provided popularSpanish music below and it is sure enough that you will give your language skills huge boost and the best thing about this is that you will not feel that you are studying..!!

But before listening to Spanish music know about few benefits of adding the Spanish music in your daily routine.

Benefits of learning Spanish songs

Listening to Spanish songs can highly improve your Spanish vocabulary and grammar, as listening to songs is what we all do in our daily routine and also we find it exciting and we usually remember the songs. So ultimately through listening Spanish songs you are learning Spanish words or phrases and in this way you will not forget those words when you will do it on regular basis. So it is much more beneficial to learn Spanish songs rather than to learn long Spanish vocabulary list.
We all have our favourite playlist which we enjoy playing again and again so if you will like any Spanish song and when you will listen to it again and again then there is no doubt that you will learn Spanish much faster and with ease. Also, Spanish songs have their own melody that you can’t stop listening to it. Also what you need to do is follow the lyrics while you listen and then you will feel a connection with the song and sound of words.
So here I have listed down top 10 Spanish music videos which will surely help you to learn Spanish  and build Spanish vocabulary easily. The song that I have listed below are not that fast so that it will be easy for you to listen and understand it. Once you listen to all the medium pace songs  then go ahead and then move ahead to faster and more complex songs.
Always there is a scope of change, so if you haven’t listened to Spanish songs to learn Spanish yet, then this is the time for a change.

Top Ten Spanish Songs

1. Agua by Jarabe de Palo
For beginners, this is the best song to start with. This video was clearly made only for Spanish learners to easily understand the Spanish words. Both Spanish and English subtitles appear at the bottom. So all the beginners must start with this song.

2. Que Sera de Ti : Roberto Carlos

3. Yo Te Amo: sung by Chayanne
4. No me resignare: Sung by Binomio de Oro de America
5. Cartio: Sung by Carlos Vives

6. Rio Que Va Lejos: Sung by Los Fronterizos

7. Olvido: Sung by Amaral

8. Manos al Aire: Sung by Nelly Furtado

9. Mneca de Trapo: Sung by La Oreja de Van Gogh
10. Muelle de San Blas: Sung by Mana

So these are some most popular Spanish songs that are usually preferred to learn Spanish in more exciting way. So if you are also a beginner and want to learn Spanish then start with these music videos and for sure you will learn Spanish very easily. Also if you are not aware of the benefits of learning Spanish language then click on the link given to understand the importance of Spanish in your life.

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