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Conversational Spanish Phrases: Hello, friends we are back again. Hopefully, you all must have started learning Spanish. As already we have posted so many articles about benefits of learning Spanish and different ways to learn Spanish much more easily. So today we will be telling you some more simple Spanish phrases that every Spanish speaker or learner should know. These are some of the simple Spanish words that we regularly use in English while talking to our family, friends, colleagues etc. Spanish is not a difficult language to be learnt, what it needs is just practice and will power. If you have both these qualities then you can easily learn Spanish. So you must learn these phrases that are listed below to increase your Spanish vocabulary and these small phrases will help you to learn long phrases and then you communicate in Spanish freely.

Useful Important Spanish Phrases

If you will learn these popular Spanish expressions then it is guaranteed that you will be a long way towards being able to communicate in Spanish with so much ease. So try these great Spanish words in English
1. ¿Cómo estás?

This phrase in Spanish means How are you. We will tell you with example that how you can use it
Example: Raima- Hola, ¿cómo estás? (Hie, How are you?)
You: Bien, gracias, ¿y tú? (Good, thanks, and you?)

2. Buenas Noches
This phrase in English means Good Night

3. Me llamo.. 
This Spanish phrase means My name is
This is the most common phrase that is used in Spanish. As we need to use it to introduce ourself to others.

4. Perdon
This means Excuse me
The phrase is used when we are asking someone to be side or to stop someone in middle to ask something. So now you can ask this in Spanish.

5. cuántos
This means in English How many?
This is used when you are counting something
6. Eres Bella
This is one of the most important Spanish phrases which means You are beautiful.
The phrase is used to compliment someone and make someone feel special and good.
7. iBuena sure! 
This Spanish expression means Good luck.
You can use this phrase to wish someone on the different occasions such as on birthdays, exams and many more.
8. Buenos Dias
This Spanish phrase is used regularly in the morning, so guess what it can be.
Yes.. you are right it means Good Morning.
9. Hasta pronto
This Spanish phrase is used very commonly when someone leaves and we have to say bye to them.
So this Spanish phrase means See you soon.
10. Gracias
This Spanish expression is used to show our gratitude towards others. 
This phrase means Thank You.
11. For supuesto
This phrase in english means Of Course.
12. iBuen Trabajo!
This phrase in Spanish helps us to praise someone when someone does a good work. 
So next when you want to praise someone for their work do it in Spanish.
13. Te extrano
This is also a very commonly used phrase. This Spanish phrase in English means I miss you.
14. Te Amo
This is the most commonly used and searched Spanish as people usually search how to say i love you in Spanish. So here we give the answer to this question.
 So this Spanish phrase means I Love You.
15. No se
This phrase is used when you are not sure about something, then using this phrase is a safe response. In English this means I don’t Know.
16. Cuanto..
This Spanish phrase in English means How much. You must not confuse this phrase with one of the phrases that is listed earlier Cantos.
17. iFeliz cumulants
Here comes one more important phrase of the list. 
This means Happy Birthday in English. So now your search is over for How to say happy birthday in Spanish.
18.  De nada
This is the phrase that is used after Gracias. So what does gracias means???
Yes, so de nada in English means, You’re welcome.
19. Hasta luego
This Spanish phrase means See you later.
This is a common way to bid farewell to someone. This phrase is used when you are not sure that you will meet that person again.
20. Buenas tardes
This phrase is English is referred to as Good afternoon/evening.
You can use this phrase anytime in noon or evening.
So these were some of the most commonly used phrases that a Spanish learner must have in their vocabulary. So all the best to all of you. Have a great learning. 
Hasta Pronto!!!!


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