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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Top 10 Spanish Songs | Spanish Learning Songs

Free Spanish Music: Are you studying Spanish or want to learn Spanish??
So here we go, we are providing you with the best and exciting method to learn Spanish. What you need to do is just listen some of the followings provided popularSpanish music below and it is sure enough that you will give your language skills huge boost and the best thing about this is that you will not feel that you are studying..!!

But before listening to Spanish music know about few benefits of adding the Spanish music in your daily routine.

Benefits of learning Spanish songs

Listening to Spanish songs can highly improve your Spanish vocabulary and grammar, as listening to songs is what we all do in our daily routine and also we find it exciting and we usually remember the songs. So ultimately through listening Spanish songs you are learning Spanish words or phrases and in this way you will not forget those words when you will do it on regular basis. So it is much more beneficial to learn Spanish songs rather than to learn long Spanish vocabulary list.

We all have our favourite playlist which we enjoy playing again and again so if you will like any Spanish song and when you will listen to it again and again then there is no doubt that you will learn Spanish much faster and with ease. Also, Spanish songs have their own melody that you can't stop listening to it. Also what you need to do is follow the lyrics while you listen and then you will feel a connection with the song and sound of words.

So here I have listed down top 10 Spanish music videos which will surely help you to learn Spanish  and build Spanish vocabulary easily. The song that I have listed below are not that fast so that it will be easy for you to listen and understand it. Once you listen to all the medium pace songs  then go ahead and then move ahead to faster and more complex songs.
Always there is a scope of change, so if you haven't listened to Spanish songs to learn Spanish yet, then this is the time for a change.

Top Ten Spanish Songs

1. Agua by Jarabe de Palo

For beginners, this is the best song to start with. This video was clearly made only for Spanish learners to easily understand the Spanish words. Both Spanish and English subtitles appear at the bottom. So all the beginners must start with this song.

2. Que Sera de Ti : Roberto Carlos

3. Yo Te Amo: sung by Chayanne

4. No me resignare: Sung by Binomio de Oro de America

5. Cartio: Sung by Carlos Vives

6. Rio Que Va Lejos: Sung by Los Fronterizos

7. Olvido: Sung by Amaral

8. Manos al Aire: Sung by Nelly Furtado

9. Mneca de Trapo: Sung by La Oreja de Van Gogh

10. Muelle de San Blas: Sung by Mana

So these are some most popular Spanish songs that are usually preferred to learn Spanish in more exciting way. So if you are also a beginner and want to learn Spanish then start with these music videos and for sure you will learn Spanish very easily. Also if you are not aware of the benefits of learning Spanish language then click on the link given to understand the importance of Spanish in your life.


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

How To Learn Spanish??

Learn how to speak Spanish: In this century, being bilingual or multilingual is becoming a norm. Through estimations, it was found that half of the world's population is bilingual at least and the numbers are just increasing day by day. So have you ever thought that where do you fit into this highly changing world? Learning and speaking Spanish can upgrade and change your life by increasing the opportunities for you in career, adventure, living, friendship, travel and love. The more languages you learn, your world will be bigger. As learning Spanish has its own so many benefits.So why not start it today.

How To Learn Spanish Fast?

Spanish is a very beautiful language. It is also one of the easiest languages to learn for all those who know how to speak English, because of the reason that both the languages share latin roots. But the most important thing is that learning another language requires both times as well as dedication. So here we are going to provide you with some ideas on how to speak Spanish and also can have fun in the learning process. As everyone usually wants to learn anything very fast so this could be the fastest way to learn Spanish and easiest too.

how to learn spanish fast, easiest way to learn spanish

  • Spanish Pronunciation:   The Spanish alphabets are quite identical to English but the pronunciation part is different. The best way to start with the language is to first learn how to pronounce each letter of English alphabet into Spanish. From there you will be able to understand how to pronounce the words. Afterwards phrases and whole sentences will also become easier. The alphabet pronunciation is given below.

·                             A = ah, B = beh, C = seh, D = deh, E = eh, F = eh-feh, G = heh, H = ah-cheh, I =ee
·                             J = hoh-tah, K = kah, L = eh-leh, M = eh-meh, N = eh-neh, Ñ = eh-nyeh, O = oh
·                             P = peh, Q = koo, R = eh-reh, S = eh-seh, T = teh, U = oo, V = -beh
·                            W = oo-bleh-doubleh, X = eh-kees, Y = ee gryeh-gah and Z = theh-tah.

Note: The only letter that doesn't have the same pronunciation in English and Spanish is N that is pronounced as eh-nyeh. 

  • Pronounce letters of the alphabet in Spanish: Once you will learn all the pronunciation rules of Spanish then you can easily pronounce the words and phrases. Some of the pronunciation rules are provided below.

·                              ca, co, cu = kah, koh, koo. ce, ci = the, thee or seh, see
·                              ga, go, gu = gah, goh, goo. ge, gi = heh, hee
·                              hua, hue, hui, huo = wah, weh, wee, woh
·                              v sounds like b
·                              y sounds like English y or like also can be said as English j

  • Learn numbers: After learning alphabets in Spanish, then you need to learn the numbers pronunciation as it is also one of the most important parts of the language. And learning how to count in Spanish is not a difficult task. The number pronunciation is given below.
  • One = Uno, Two = Dos, Three = Tres, Four = Cuatro, Five = Cinco, Six = Seis, Seven = Siete, Eight = Ocho, Nine = Nueve, Ten = Diez

Also, you need to be aware that the pronunciation of number "one" will get changed when it will be used against man or woman. For example in Spanish "one man" is "un hombre" and "one woman" is "une-chica".

  • Memorize: Now you need to memorise the simple words of Spanish which you can easily use in your daily routine. Using the words in daily routine will help you in pronunciation and fluency. It also very important to a word or the phrases from English to Spanish as well as Spanish to English. As by doing this you will be able to recognise words when you hear.

So these are some of the steps which anyone can follow and can be said as an easiest way to learn Spanish. But the first thing which everyone needs to understand is that learning a language requires dedication and focus after which anything can be learnt. So start learning today and stand ahead of the crowd.

Monday, 24 October 2016

How Long It Takes To Learn Spanish

Learn how to speak Spanish: Learning, is the process which goes on all our life. Because we have so much to learn and it could be anything and at any age. As when it comes to learning age is just a number. Anyone can start learning anything at any point of time in their life. Here we are going to talk about learning a second language and that too also Spanish. We have already described in our previous posts that why one should learn a second language and also reasons to learn Spanish. For many learners, to achieve the perfect fluency in the language is an important goal, while some only want to learn just a few famous lines in Spanish, while some learn the language for the business purpose. So before you start to learn Spanish you must finalise the goal that why you are doing this. After this, there will be no hurdles.

There is one question which every learner might have, that  how long it will take to learn Spanish. If we try to give the answer then we will say that there is no such time span that is specified that how much time one will take to learn Spanish. Because the time will vary from one person to other. If we will go in depth we will find out various parameters that redefine the question.

learn how to speak in spanish

The first thing that we need to understand that learning a language is not a finite process, and also it is not a short one. Also, some studies suggest that learning a second language can be difficult for adults and can take more time as compared to children. As it takes a person from birth to age 12 to fully develop all important skills in your native language. Why the differences?? As there are some of the obvious factors like age and the time spent to study the language that affects one's learning process.

Through some of the studies done, on this question,  it is proposed that  Spanish lessons 600 hours are quite enough for an individual to learn Spanish if only looking to communicate while travelling purpose or wants to learn some common Spanish phrases which he can speak easily. This is also to be noted down that languages are the complex systems, and mastery or also fluency in any one the language can take years to achieve so it is a myth that it a one night or day process. Also, it takes dedication and concentration to learn any language.

There are so many ways through which one can learn Spanish There are various online Spanish language courses available that provide Spanish learning and various tutors are also available offline that provide spanish learning coachings. One more way is also there to learn spaish which is very easy and free too. You can learn spanish through the online translator. In translator what you need to do is just type the word or line whose spanish translation you need to know. Then just click on translate button provided and your word or line will get translate into spanish. The translator is provided at the top of the page. You can easily utilise the translator as many times you want to translate.
Using translator to learn how to speak in spanish is the most effective and also cheapest way. So don't waste your time as you are just a click away to include one more language within you.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Learn Spanish at Any Age!!

Spanish Translation: You must have heard a traditional saying that children can easily learn anything more quickly as compared to adults, so it is said to learn a new thing at an early age.  So here we are talking about learning a second language- Spanish. This idea of learning new things in early age became popular in the 20th century, as it has its own studies were done which point the fundamental differences in the development of the brain in adults and children. As in children brain development is very fast so for then it is easier to learn the new language and attain fluency. If we talk about Spanish then it can be easy learned by English to Spanish translator.

But against all these odds if one decides to do something and achieve it at any cost then nothing can stop him. Learning a new language is not enough whether you are of any age. So, all the adult learners you can still keep your chin up! Because there is nothing like that you can't become conversational or a proficient being an adult.

translator english to spanish

Why to learn Spanish: Translator English to Spanish

Everyone should learn a second language as it is one of the best ways to increase your concentration power and a study also proves that learning Spanish can boost your brain power. Also learning a second language not only has its own benefits which are proven by studies. As Reseach  suggests that learning and speaking two languages decreses the symptoms of developing dementia. The reports also suggest that being bilingual increases the mental abilities in both adults and children. Also, it enhances critical thinking skills in an individual.

Also learning a second language is also a career option nowadays. Learning Spanish is becoming very important in businesses too. In the United States there are over 35 million Spanish Speakers and the number is increasing day by day due to its popularity. It is not only popular in the US but it is the second most popular language after English. So there is no doubt that why one should opt for Spanish as there second language. Also f you love travelling then you must learn spanish as there are various tourists places whose native language is Spanish. So it will be very difficult to travel to another country without knowing their language. So if you want to explore the area and want to communicate with the people over there and understand their culture then you must speak their language. And not so deep but you must know some simple things such as reading signs, menus and asking for directions while going from places to places.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said that "he who knows no foreign(second) language, knows nothing of his own".

If we will say Spanish and romance as same that will not be wrong becausSpanishsh is well known as language of romance. So here comes one more benefit of learning Spanish as your second language. You will be able to impress anyone with your romancing Spanish words. Learning Spanish opens up the various opportunities for you. It opens up new doors to have more fun. Everyone enjoys reading good books, watching a good movie and music. So for all those book, food and movie lovers, if you will know a second language then you will have lots of options for your favorites.

Spanish Translater

Learning Spanish could be one of the most interesting and enjoyable things you can experience. And Spanish is something which will benefit you for the rest of your life. So here age is not an issue, you just need to have a determination and start everything else will fall in its place. And if you are thinking that what will be the right time to learn Spanish then let me tell you the only right time is NOW. So start it right today. You can also learn Spanish through the translator, as one provided by us at the top. What you need to do is just enter the text or word you want to translate in English and click on translate button and you will get translate in Spanish. You can also search for English to Spanish translation google, it is also helpful.


Top 20 English to Spanish Translation

Translation from english to spanish: Nowdays, everyone is so keen to learn different languages. There are so many languages that one can opt to learn as their language. But learning spanish has its own edge over other languages. Spanish is one of the most favorite and preferred languages. Spanish is spoken in most of the countries. So learning spanish  would be the best choice if someone wwants to learn other languages. 

There are so many ways by which one can learn spanish like online classes, tutorials, videos and also by english to spanish translation. 
In english to spanish translation, you can easily translate any word or phrase into spanish language. You just need to enter the phrase you want to know in spanish and then need to click on translate button, and your text will get translate in spanish

english to spanish translation

Just like english language, spanish is also the same just new for all of them who dont know how to read and speak it. The words or phrases that we  use regularly in our daily life in english, imagine when you will be able to speak those words in spanish too. So here we are going to list down most common spanish words that we use on daily basis and their spanish translations.

English Translation to Spanish

English Word                                                                Spanish Translation

  • therefore                                                                por lo tanto

  • however                                                                 sin embargo

  • performance                                                          rendimiento

  • to approach                                                            acercarse

  • thus                                                                        de sete modo

  • support                                                                   apoyo

  • to provide                                                               proveer

  • issue                                                                       el asunto

  • overview                                                                resumen

  • regarding                                                                con repecto a

  • to release                                                                liberar

  • otherwise                                                                de lo contario

  • feedback                                                                 retroalimentacion

  • to lead                                                                     dirgir

  • to claim                                                                   reclamar

  • as well as                                                                ademas de

  • further                                                                     mas lejos

  • furthermore                                                             ademas

  • address                                                                    la direccion

  • to set up                                                                  configurar

So these were some of the famous english to spanish translations and some easy spanish words that we use in our daily life. If you want to learn spanish language then you can start right from today with these translations. Also you can translate any english words in spanish through the translator provided at the top of the page. For further updates and articles on spanish stay connected to the blog.

Friday, 21 October 2016

How learning Spanish can boost your brain power

Translation English to Spanish: Hello friends, today we are going to discuss some of the major factors boost your brainpower. Everyone wants to rule the world and if he/she has the brainpower than half of the work is done. So do you know that if you know more than one language then you are above of all who don't have that knowledge? If you speak more than one language then it has its own practical benefits which we are going to discuss. So if you speak more than one language then you can easily communicate with people who belong to different backgrounds, you can probably earn more money, travel to different places independently. Also, science has found evidence of cognitive benefits of bilingualism.
translation english to spanish

Benefits of learning Spanish

There are many other benefits of learning more than one languages. Bilinguals or those who can speak more than two languages excel at task switching than monolinguals. As people think that task switching is an easy task but it is not that simple. Task switching requires simultaneous awareness of two different set of rules, you have to completely divert your mind from one to another and make yourself comfortable in doing that.

So here we are providing you the English-Spanish translation using which you can easily learn a Spanish language. You just need to write the text you to know in Spanish in the box that is provided at the top and then click translate and your text will get translate to Spanish. This is one of the methods to learn the Spanish language. Learning Spanish has its own benefits as compared to other languages.
Learning other foreign languages also increases your concentration power. So now what more reasons you need to start learning other language and that to be Spanish. Also, you will be able to impress everyone by speaking Spanish letters.

Translate in Spanish

Also, demand for Spanish speakers is increasing day by day. So not only learning Spanish has self-benefits but also it can help you make your career. As might, you are not aware of the fact that it is very important to learn Spanish for business purpose in the US. You can be very successful by only just learning Spanish and starting your career as a translator. Also if you are interested to study further, in the Spain or any of the college or university where Spanish is required then Spanish learning will help you there too.

If learning a new language and speaking it makes your mind much more focused, concentrated and efficient then it's not a bad deal. As people ask for various things by which they can increase their concentration and power of multitasking.
As nowdays to be a multitasker is one of the best asset ones can have. So  if one can do more than one task efficiently then no one can stop him/her from achieving his goal. And all this requires only learning more than language.

english spanish translation

There are so many compelling reasons to learn the Spanish language, this post tackles just only one of the important part. It doesn't matter for what reason you learn  foreign language, you will get the long term benefit of that learning.
If you want to learn Spanish as your second language, then you can learn it here by using the above-given translator. Just type the some of the common daily usage phrases of English and through translator your phrase will get transalte to Spanish



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