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Hello Guys! If you are interested in learning the spanish language, then these 10 common spanish sayings are very helpful for you. These words are mostly used in daily communication. When you interact with any person, then words are really awesome to start a good communication. As in English you say good moring, in Spanish the way of saying good morning is Buenos dias and the pronunciation of it is booEHN-os DEE-as. So here we are enlisting some of the famous sayings that you will love to read and use in daily life. The spanish is one of the most important language if we talk for the jobs and also for other purposes. Or whether if you are travelling to Mexico, Spanish or any of the Spanish speaking country for the business purpose, vacation or for any other purpose then speaking spanish will be very helpful for you to adapt the surroundings. So here we are enlisting most of the common spanish phrases which are common to be used in daily routine, and then you can easily communicate with all those who are around you. Also the pronunciation also matters when speaking a language. So one also needs to take care about the spanish pronunciation of the phrases.

English to Spanish Translation

There are lots of english sayings which is almost same as that of spanish phrases or sayings. But what matters mostly is the pronunciation part. As if the pronunciation of any spanish words will be wrong then the people will not be able to understand the phrases which you will use while communicating to the people. So here we listing some of the most commonly used phrases in day to day life. Also here you will find an online translator english to spanish, bu using which you can easily translate any english phrase into spanish.
english to spanish translation

English to Spanish Phrases

Dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres.
Translation: Tell me that with whom you hang out and then i will tell you are .
Meaning in English: Birds of a feather always just flock together.

Al mal tiempo, buena cara.
Translation: Make a good face in bad times.
Meaning in English: Be positive even in bad situations.

Barriga llena, corazón contento. 
Translation: Full stomach, happy heart.

Cría cuervos y te sacarán los ojos. 
Translation: If you will raise crows then they will peck your eyes out.
Meaning in English: If you take care of indecent people, they will take advantage of you in the end.

Del tal palo, tal astilla. 
Translation: Such is the stick, such is the chip.
Meaning in English: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Meaning in English: Like father, like son.

El que quiera pescado que se moje el culo. 

Translation: He who wants fish should get his butt wet.
Meaning in English. If you want something, get it yourself.

Más vale tarde que nunca. 
Meaning in English: One should be better late than never.

Moro viejo nunca será buen cristiano. 
Translation: An old Moor will never be a good Christian.
Meaning in English: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente.
Translation: Eyes that just don’t see and heart that doesn’t feel. 
Meaning in English: Out of sight, out of mind.

Vivieron felices y comieron perdices (y a mí no me dieron). 

Translation: They lived happily and ate partridge (and didn’t give me any).
Meaning in English: And they lived happily ever after.

Quien fue a Sevilla perdió su silla. 
Translation: He who went to Sevilla, lost his seat.
Meaning in English: Move your feet, lose your seat

No hay mal que por bien no venga. 
Translation: There’s nothing bad from which something good doesn’t come. 
Meaning in English: Every cloud has a silver lining.

Más vale pájaro en mano que cien volando. 
Translation: A bird in the hand is worth more than one hundred flying.
Meaning in English: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Hablando del rey de Roma… 
Translation: Speaking of the king of Rome…
Meaning in English: Speak of the Devil…

El que madruga coge agua clara. 
Translation: He who rises early gets clear water.
Meaning in English: Early bird gets the worm.
Cuando el río suena, agua lleva. 
Translation: When the river makes noise, it’s moving and carrying water.
Meaning in English: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

Camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente.
Translation: The shrimp that falls asleep is swept away by the current.
Meaning in English: You snooze, you lose.

A falta de pan, buenas son tortas. 
Translation: If there’s no pan, cakes will do.
Meaning in English: Beggars can’t be choosers.

Caballo regalado no se le mira el diente. 
Translation: Don’t ever look for faults in a gift.
Meaning in English: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

As there is a large demand of spanish speakers and is increasing at very high rate day by day, so there is also a need that people should know english to spanish translation. Learning a different language has now became a priority for everyone. And for that, Spanish is mostly preferred language. As it also enhances your personality and confidence in front of others. Also if you are planning for higher studies from abroad, so it will also help you to get the admissions in Spain or in any of the universities where spanish language is preferred. So knowing other languages makes you much smarter as compared to others. So from here you can easily learn spanish phrases that are commonly in use, and it could be the best way to learn spanish language.

After reading this article and learning the above spanish phrases, you will be able to greet and farewell people in the spanish language. So then you will not feel that you are in a different world, as then you will be a part of them.  
Some of the phrases or we can say greetings like “good afternoon” or “good morning”
are very important in day to day life. As greeting is considered to be medium or ritual to show respect to another person. So this becomes important in itself to greet people to show respect.
So here we have also provided you a english spanish translator, using which you can easily translate from english to spanish and then can learn it. This was all about some of the important common phrases in the spanish language that you can easily use in your daily routine. 


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