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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

How to say House in Spanish | Home in Spanish

Hey, friends, Happy new year to all you!! New Year has been started and all of you must have made many resolutions for the new year. One resolution that I am going to tell you for your benefit that you all should add in your resolution list is Learning Spanish regularly. As you are visiting this site because you want to learn Spanish and we are going to help you in this. Today we will learn how to say House in Spanish. Home is the place where we feel so relaxed and we can live in peace. So here we are going to learn how we can spell house in Spanish. It is important for all the Spanish learners and speakers to know all the words in Spanish that they use in English. As Spanish learning has so many advantages. Everyone should one language other than his/ her native language and if that language will be Spanish then there will be huge advantages. Let's learn how to say House in Spanish.

house in spanish, home in spanish, apartment in spanish

Home in Spanish

House can also be spelt as the home. It is the place that makes us all comfortable. But have you ever though that it is spelt differently in every other language. In Spanish house can be spelt as 


As you all know that house is also known as home so all of you should also know that how a home can be spelt in Spanish or what is Home in Spanish.


So now all of you are aware that house and home are spelt in the Spanish language. So next we are going to discuss how you can room and bedroom in Spanish. As if you know home and house then you must also know how to say Room in Spanish. Rooms are the important part of the house where we live and there so many types of rooms that we will discuss further bellow.

Room in Spanish


There are so many types of rooms in our home that we call as bedroom, bathroom, drawing room, guest room and much more. These rooms are used according to their purpose and right now we are ging to learn how you can say Bedroom in Spanish. The bedroom is the space where we can live so comfortably and can have our comfort. So let's learn how bedroom can be spelt in spanish.


So now you all know how the house, home, room and bedroom can be spelt in spanish language. So all these words are now added in your spanish vocabulary set. And when you will use these words regularly and practice them then you will be able to see that you can easily pronounce them at any time. This will help you to learn spanish and speak Spanish very efficiently. There is one more word that you should know in Spanish language i.e. Apartment in Spanish. As one of the names that one can say of home is apartment also. As there are many situations when a person says that he/she lives in aprtment. So one should also know how to spell apartment in the Spanish language. 

bedroom in spanish, room in spanish

Apartment in Spanish


So this was all about the house. Now you are perfect to go and speak. Just practice everyday these words so that to speak them more clearly. Also if you ant to learn how to say Happy Birthday in Spanish, I miss you in Spanish, how to say seasons in Spanish and many more then you go to these links. Also, you can use a live translator that is given on the top of the page to translate English word or phrase. Just type the word or the phrase in the space provided and press translate button and you will the Spanish translation of the phrase. 


Monday, 26 December 2016

How to say Red in Spanish & Pink in Spanish

Hello friends, I am back with one more Spanish lesson. Today we will learn top 2 colours such as red colour and pink colour. Today we learn how to say Red in Spanish. There are so many colours in our life. With so many colours in our life, eacha nd every colour has its own significance. So today we are going to learn about the significance of red colour and how you can say red in Spanish. In this way, we will learn how to say pink in Spanish


Red in Spanish

Red colour has so many significance in difference domains such as physical significance, a political association of red and many interesting information about red colour. And also learn what is red in Spanish. 
If we see how red affects us physically then we can say:
  • Red increases enthusiasm
  • It encourages the actions and also confidence in an individual
  • It provides a sense protection from fear and anxiety
Now let's learn how what is the Spanish word for red

Red in Spanish: Rojo

There is a very simple with which we can say red in Spanish. The pronunciation of the Spanish word is very easy. 
Now if we talk about the political association of red then below are some of the important points:

  • The red colour represents U.S. Republican Party
  • The red colour is mostly associated with the Soviet Union during Communist reign.
Now if we talk about the light colour of red then the colour we think of is pink. So let's learn how you can say pink in Spanish.

Pink in Spanish: Rosado

Now you know how to say pink in Spanish. So when you know so many facts about the red colour then whenever you tell someone else about these two colours then you should say red in Spanish language then it will show your knowledge of Spanish and if you are a Spanish speaker or learner then you should know how to say red and pink in the Spanish language. So let's now know some of the most interesting facts about red colour.
  • Red is the highest colour in the rainbow. 
  • The red colour is the longest wavelength. colour
  • If we see in the financial arena, red symbolises a negative aspect.
  • There is a fact that bees are not able to see the red colour but they can see all the other colours that are present.
So these were som of the important facts of the red colour. So today you have learnt so many things regarding red colour. Previously I have also told you how to say colour in Spanish. so if you want to learn about how to say colour in the Spanish language then you can visit the link given. Also as we all know that new year is coming so to make this new year much more special learn how to say Happy New Year in Spanish from the link given and this year wish your loved one new year in Spanish language. 
So this was all about the red and pink in Spanish. If you want to translate any of the English word or phrases into Spanish then you can do so by using the translation button given above. 

Friday, 16 December 2016

Time in Spanish | How to say Time in Spanish

Time is a very crucial thing in everyone's life. As all of those who are able to manage time efficiently are the ones who ge succesful. So to become successful the first thing is to manage all your time efficiently and in a planned way. So today i am going to tell all the spanish speakers as well as leaners about time in spanish. Till now we have completed most of the topics that all the spanish learners can go through if they want to learn spanish. Our today's lesson is all about Time and how to say time in spanish. As time is one of the thing that we have in our daily life. So today we will learn how to tell someone time in spanish. As this is also the part of spanish learning. So let's learn how we can pronounce in time in a different language.

time in spanish, how to say time in spanish, noon in spanish, midnight in spanish

How to say Time in Spanish

The word used in spanish for time is "Hora" or you can also use word Tiempo. So here belowe we will cover some of the important points of saying time in spanish. For the word time, spanish word hora is used and if you want to say someone that "the event was a good time" then you need to use the word tiempo instead hora. 

What time it is? - ¿Qué hora es?

This phrase is commonly used when you want to know the time. Till now you knew it in english now you can also ask time in spanish so next time use this phrase. As it is most appropriate way to ask time to someone. So before we move on to the exact time in spanish language one spanish verb that you need to learn is "Ser" it means "to be". This word will be used while saying the time. So for example if you want to tell someone that it's one o'clock or it's two o'clock or any other time. So here are some of the examples for that

Sona las dos - It's 2 o'clock
Sona las tres - It's 3 o'clock
Sona las seis - It's 6 o'clock
Sona las nueve - It's 9 o'clock

To learn number in Spanish you can go to the given link.

Now let's move on to how you will time in night i.e. noon and midnight. So if you want to say noon in spanish or it's noon then you can use the below phrase.

It's noon - Es mediodia

Next if it's midnight and you want to learn what word use for midnight in spanish then check the below phrase. 

It's midnight - Es medianoche

So next whenever you want to say noon or midnight then mke use of the above spanish phrases.

Next we will move forward to when you have to say time in hours  and minutes. So for this we have arranged some of the phrases below that you can easily use to tell time to anyone.

It's 10:21 - Son las diez y veintiuno
It's 11:05 - Son las once y cinco
It's 7:08 - Son las siete y ocho

So next time use these spanish phrases for time. And if it's half hour then you need to use word "media" which is a spanish word of half hour

It's 7:30 - Son las siete y media

So now you know most about how to say time in spanish but still one thing is remaining that you need to know. So below are some of the phrases that you need to read.

It's 8:55 - Son las nueve menos cinco
It's 12:35 - Es la una menos veinticino
It's 3:45 - Son las cuatro menos cuatro

Cuatro means "a quarter" and Quince means "Fifteen".

So now you finally know all about how to say time in spanish or we can only say time in spanish. If you have any query you can leave a comment below we will reply to you at the earliest. Also if you want to learn how to say merry christmas in spanish, I love in spanish, i miss in spanish or family members in spanish then you can refer these posts.



Sunday, 11 December 2016

How to say Happy New Year in Spanish

Hello, friends, here I am back for all of you with one more English to Spanish lesson. Today we are going to talk about how to say Happy New Year in Spanish. The new year is coming it's just 18 days away. Before that, Christmas will be here that is the festival of lights, gifts, happiness. As we have already told you about how to wish merry Christmas in Spanish. And today we will learn happy new year in Spanish. Most of you will also have this question in mind that why should we learn to say the new year in another language. The let me tell you that at first if you are a Spanish learner or speaker then you must know how to say happy new year Spanish. As this will increase your vocabulary and will also increase your pronunciation power. Below we will tell you some of the advantages of learning words in Spanish and also will tell you Spanish phrases to address new year.

happy new year in spanish, happy new year spanish, new years eve in spanish, new years in spanish, spanish new year

Happy New Year in Spanish | New Year Eve in Spanish

When you wish someone happy new year in Spanish language then the person feels so special and not only this he/she will be so impressed with your knowledge of the Spanish language. New Year is new starting of a new phase of your life. So all of you who want to learn Spanish language must start this year with the phrase on new years eve in Spanish and make a resolution od=f learning Spanish. There so many ultimate advantages of learning Spanish that you can't even think of. If you want to know about advantages of learning the Spanish language then go through this link provided here. So for now let's learn Spanish new year



You can also learn about some of the new years wishes in Spanish and then you can tell it to anyone or you can also message it to your friends, family or others. 

1. May each and every day of yours be renewed with lots of happiness and love. Happy New Year
 Puede renovarse cada día tuyo con mucha felicidad y amor. Feliz Año Nuevo

2. May the new year that follows be the best you have ever had. Have a blissful new year!

Puede el nuevo año que sigue el mejor que ha tenido. ¡Tenga un feliz año nuevo!

3. May the year ahead brings you good luck, fortune, success and lots of love. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

Puede el año que viene le trae buena suerte, fortuna, éxito y mucho amor. Feliz año nuevo a ti y a tus seres queridos

4. May you have a smashing new year filled with lots of delightful surprises. May you have a Happy New year.

Que tengas un sensacional año nuevo lleno de muchas sorpresas encantadoras. Que tengas un feliz nuevo año.

5. Season’s greetings and best wishes for a new year that fills your heart with joy. Happy New Year

De temporada saludos y mejores deseos para un año nuevo que llena tu corazón de alegría. Feliz Año Nuevo

So these were some of the new year wishes in Spanish. This year wish new year to friends family and loved ones. For more spanish lessons you can go to the maim page. Also if you want to translate any english word to spanish then you can use the translator button that is provided at the top of the page. 


Wednesday, 7 December 2016

How to say Colors in Spanish | Learn Spanish Colors

Hey, guys, I am back with one more English to Spanish lesson. Today's topic will make you all very happy as I am going tell you all how to say colors in Spanish. We all are surrounded by the colours to start from our favourite clothes to our favourite shoes. Nature is full of colours and which represent so many things. So let's move a little into the world of colours that is so fascinating and also is related to so many facts which you should know. Do you know that which is the world's most popular colour? So the most popular colour of the world is Blue colour that is analysed through various surveys conducted by the global marketing firms. So now you know about what is most popular colour. Now you should also be aware of the fact that what words are used for the Spanish colors. Below we are going to tell you about how to spell colours.

spanish colours, spanish colors, colors in spanish, colours in spanish

Spanish Colors: Learn how to say colours in Spanish

Let's discuss how to say colors in Spanish.  So the first colour we will talk about is a red colour, Red colour has so many emotions and meaning that are hidden in it. Red is a symbol of love, anger, happiness, and much more. Also, do you know that the first colour which the infants that are as young as 2 weeks of age can themselves recognise and distinguish red colour? This s because the reason that red colour has a longer wavelength which makes it one of the easiest colour to recognise. Now do you know what can we say red in Spanish language?
Red in Spanish: Rojo
 Moving to the next fact do you that pink colour is a palliative colour. It means that pink colour suppresses anger and anxiety and gives calming effect. So let's learn next word for Spanish colours what we can pink in Spanish
Pink in Spanish: Rosado
Next fact that all of you need to know about colours is that the safest colour is White or it is also known as the colour of peace. So it is said that the car colour should be white to avoid accidents. So the Spanish for white colour is
White in Spanish: Blanco
Have you ever noticed that why all of us like KFC, McDonald's and many other restaurants? There is something unique with most of the restaurants. The unique thing about these restaurants is their colour scheme. According to Researchers yellow and red are the most appetising colours. And now you can recall that most of these restaurants have red and yellow colour combination whereas blue colour is least appetising colour. So let's how blue and yellow colour can be spelt in Spanish
Blue in Spanish: Azul
Yellow in Spanish: Amarillo

There are many other colours which are spelt differently in Spanish as listed below
Green in Spanish: Verde
Orange in Spanish: Naranja
Black in Spanish: Negro

So these were some of the Spanish colors that today we learnt how to say in colors in Spanish. All of the students who learning to speak Spanish should read and learn this lesson and practice in daily routine. Also if you want to learn how to say I love in Spanish and how to say beautiful in Spanish then you can learn it from here.


Sunday, 4 December 2016

How to say Dog in Spanish | Bitch in Spanish

Do you love dogs?? Most of us do. Dogs are the first preference when we talk about to keep a pet. Dog's can be a best friend and also this true in the SpanishSpeaking world. So all the Spanish speakers don't use the word dog, there are other words that are used to signify dogs in Spanish language. So today we will tell you how to say Dog in Spanish. Also, we have already told you how to say cat , and kitten in Spanish. So if you want to learn about this you can refer the link. So most of us love to have a dog and talk to them and share our feelings with them. As said that dogs are very faithful and loyal. So we can easily trust them and tell our feelings to them, whereas they will not reply back but still after telling them you will feel relieved. If you seriously want to learn Spanish then you should learn Spanish words and practice and should not skip this schedule to learn Spanish much faster. So let's start with our today's lesson on dogs.

dog in spanish, puppy in spanish, hot dog in spanish, bitch in spanish, spanish for dog

What is Spanish for Dog? | Dog in Spanish

So let's learn how to say dog in Spanish and pronounce it.

Dog in Spanish: Perro

The Spanish word for dog is Perro. It is very easy to pronounce. You will not feel any difficulty while pronouncing this word. So in the spanish dog is said as Perro, if you also have a dog then you can also start saying perro instead of the dog. This will also help you learn Spanish when you will use this word on a regular basis. So next word that you must know how to say puppy in Spanish. When you know how to say dog in Spanish then you should also know to pronounce Puppy in Spanish. The Spanish word for a puppy is quite complex than a dog so you will require much more practice. So let's see how a puppy can be spelt in Spanish.

Puppy in Spanish : Cachorro/ Perrito

So every time you don't need to use word perro whenever you see dog or puppy as now you have two words individually for dog and puppy. This time introduce your pet to your friends with a Spanish name. Also, you have two Spanish words for puppy and you use them interchangeably and the meaning of the both of the words is same. Let's move to another Spanish word.
Do you recall any food item whenever you hear word Dog.??

Yes, here you go.. Hot Dog

So the next word whose Spanish translation we will learn is Hot Dog. This word is frequently used in a Spanish country. So this is important for you to learn Hot Dog in Spanish.

Hot Dog in Spanish : Perro Caliente

Now the last word is a bitch. Next word we will learn Spanish translation is Bitch in Spanish. Bitch also has a strong negative and also is used for fun. So you can use it accordingly. But if you are learning about the dog (male) then also know Spanish for a bitch (female).

Bitch in Spanish : Perra

One of the example where bitch can be used is

Don't mess up with that woman. She is a crazy bitch : No te metas can esa mujer. Ez bien perra. 
So this was all about how to say dog, puppy, bitch and hotdog in Spanish. If you want to learn Spanish efficiently then practice it daily and then you will have command over it. Also to learn how to say happy birthday in Spanish, I love in Spanish, I miss you in Spanish or merry Christmas in Spanish refer these articles.


Friday, 2 December 2016

How to say Pretty in Spanish? | Pretty Girl in Spanish

Do you know that there are so many ways to tell a girl that she is beautiful? And also on the top of that, all these ways are in Spanish that is popularly known to be as the language of romance. On our previous article I have told you how to say beautiful in Spanish, but today I am going to tell so many other Spanish words other than Spanish using which you can impress any girl. Every girl wants someone who can praise her tells her that how beautiful she is. But most of the men fail in this task. They only use some very old methods to impress girls. But boys, the girls have now grown up so use some other tricks, which you will get here. Today I am going to tell you how to say pretty in Spanish and also many other words which you can use to praise girls. So let's start today's Spanish learning.

pretty in spanish, very pretty in spanish, attractive in spanish, stunning in spanish, gorgeous in spanish


Let's first start with the word pretty, how can you pronounce pretty in the Spanish language. Pretty in Spanish can be said as Linda


So, whenever you feel like someone is looking good either a child or a girl then teLl them in Spanish, and you can see that how much happy they will feel at that time. You can call pretty to anyone your mother, friend, girlfriend and also to someone you don't know. People also use one of the phrases instead of only saying pretty, you can also say Pretty girl inSpanishh language to tell a girl she is looking pretty



So now know that how to say impress a girl by telling her that she is looking pretty and only in Spanish. So now we will move further. Pretty is a very common phrase that you can use formally for anyone. Next word that tells that a woman is much more than pretty is Attractive. So next you can praise a girl/ woman by telling her that how attractive she is looking. Also, you can instead of pretty, very pretty girl in Spanish. Let's learn how to say attractive in Spanish. You can also use pretty but to also tell her that you are interested in her then you can use the word attractive to praise her. 


Now one more Spanish word that you can use to praise a woman is Gorgeous. Gorgeous is a word more than pretty and attractive. So when you tell a girl that she is looking gorgeous and also most importantly in Spanish then she will be so happy to listen. So learn how to say Gorgeous in Spanish


Next, a word that you should learn other than pretty, attractive and gorgeous is stunning. This word can be used for a girl who is your girlfriend, friend or anyone you love. Stunning is the word that shows your deep feeling for someone. So this should be used for someone special. So, let's learn how to stunning in Spanish.


Stunning word is more than the gorgeous. So these were the ways of how to say pretty in Spanish and also gorgeous attractive and stunning. Also if you want to learn Spanish then read these article too, how to say I miss you in Spanish, I love in Spanish and how to learn Spanish fast



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